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GHFCA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the GHFCA is a nomited and accepted position.  Each Board member serves a minimum of 2 years on the board. The service on the board includes attending monthly meetings as well as performing duties specific to the organziation.

American Football Game

2023-2024 Board of Directors:

Executive Director: Chris Massey

President:  Greg Rogers: Cy-Park HS

Past President:  Christopher Brister: Cy-Falls HS

Vice President:  Blake Ware: Dayton HS

Treasurer: James Williams: FB Marshall HS

Membership: James Clancy: Klein Cain HS

Webmaster: Shaun McDowell:  Grand Oaks HS

Second Year Directors:

BJ Gotte: Pearland HS

Andres Gomez: Northbrook HS

Trent Miller: Willis HS

Sheldon Bennight: Galveston Ball HS

J. Jensen: Mayde Creek HS 

First Year Directors:

Dave Handal: Tomball HS

Sergio Gonzalez: Sam Rayburn HS

Oji Fagan: Cypress Springs HS

Austin Flynn: Deer Park HS

Laine Sambrooks: Splendora HS

Executive Board Members:

Don Clayton, Joe Sheffy, Dick Olin, Jim Creech, Todd Matz


2023-2024 BOD Duty Assignments


Publicity and Media Relations: Greg Rogers, Blake Ware

Membership: James Clancy

Spring Membership Drive: Greg Rogers, Blake Ware

Assistant Coach of the Year: BJ Gotte, Laine Sambrooks

Junior High Staff of the Year: J Jensen, Dave Handal

Awards Night: Greg Rogers, Blake Ware

Hall of Honor: Sheldon Bennight, Sergio Gonzalez

Trainer of the Year: Todd Matz, BJ Gotte

Wife of the Year: J Jensen, Oji Fagan

Distinguished Service Award: Trent Miller, Sergio Gonzalez

Bayou Bowl (GHFCA BOD on Game Night): Dick Olin, Joe Sheffy, Jim Creech, Chris Massey

Gridiron Heroes Drive: Greg Rogers, Blake Ware GHFCA 7 on 7: Don Clayton

Winter Clinics: Trent Miller, Sheldon Bennight, Dave Handal, Austin Flynn


Say No to Drugs Poster: J Jensen, Austin Flynn

Website / Social Media Relations: Shaun McDowell, Greg Rogers

Scholarships: BJ Gotte, Oji Fagan

GHFCA Podcast: Andres Gomez

TASO Officials: Greg Rogers, Blake Ware

College Liaison: Greg Rogers, Blake Ware

TD Club Liaison: Greg Rogers, Blake Ware

THSCA Sr. Director: James Williams

AFCA Liaison: Greg Rogers, Blake Ware

Houston Texans Liaison: Chris Massey

Bayou Bowl: Dick Olin

Treasurer: James Williams

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